1 day ago · Disable all the wake timers on your Windows computer to ensure sleep mode works correctly. Go to “Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Settings” and click on “Change advanced power settings.” Expand the “Sleep” menu in the Power Options dialog and click on the “+” icon next to “Allow Wake Timers.”. "/>
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In the Power Options dialog, expand the "Display" item and you'll see the new setting you added listed as "Console lock display off timeout." Expand that and you can then set the timeout for however many minutes you want. It's a bit of a hassle having to deal with the Registry just to make this setting available, but at least it's there.
Apr 10, 2020 · Aliases and setting visibility. Windows provisioning: Common\Power\Policy\Settings\Display\IdleTimeout. PowerCfg: VIDEOIDLE. GUID: 3c0bc021-c8a8-4e07-a973-6b14cbcb2b7e. Hidden setting: Yes.
Have you ever wanted to leave your character making something but didn't want to risk the dreaded Wasted Time of coming back to find that they'd been sitting around doing nothing? This mod will fix that.
All editions can use Option Two below. 1 Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog, type secpol.msc into Run, and click/tap on OK to open Local Security Policy. 2 Expand open Local Policies in the left pane, and click/tap on Security Options. (see screenshot below)